Welcome to Sara’s documentation!

Sara is a small and easy-to-use C++ computer vision library.

Sara (सार) is a Sanskrit word meaning essence. On a less serious note, I was looking for a nice simple human name and the Spanish transliteration into this lovely female name was then chosen intentionally.

Sara focuses on:

  1. having an easy-to-use and simple API,
  2. having human-readable and efficient implementations of computer vision algorithms,
  3. rigorous testing.

Sara is licensed with the Mozilla Public License version 2.0.

The documentation chooses to emphasize more on the mathematical details to explain some algorithmic implementation. I believe that my API is most of the time straightforward enough. The audience I am targeting here is students, scientists or software developers who want to understand those kind of details.

For the reference API documentation, refer to the Doxygen-based documentation hosted here at Codedocs.xyz:


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